Good quality, stable performance, high efficiency and energy saving

                                      • Special machine for DGN thick slurry coating

                                        ZS series of special machinery for real stone lacquer

                                        WZS horizontal real stone paint stirring kettle

                                        Latex paint machine

                                        Complete set of machinery

                                        Experimental complete set of machinery

                                        Mechanical price of paint

                                        Bar pin horizontal sand mill

                                      • Vibration sieve

                                        automatic filling machine

                                        Semi-automatic filling machine

                                        Dispersion machine

                                        Vertical sand mill

                                        Laboratory dispersing sand mill dual purpose machine

                                        GFJ high speed disperser

                                      ABOUT US

                                      ——Good faith cooperation to create the future——

                                      Wuxi feihong Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd.

                                      Wuxi feihong Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the WAN Shi Industrial Park, mainly engaged in the production and sale of paint machinery, products involving transport, polymerization, grinding, dispersion, mixing, filtration, separation, packaging and other complete sets of machinery and equipment.In the past few years, we have made our coating machinery sell well throughout the country by virtue of good quality, stable performance, reasonable price and good faith after sale.

                                      Select the four advantages of Feihong

                                      ——Our brand is trustworthy——

                                      Years of experience, strength is guaranteed


                                      Has a professional R & D team and has a large number of high-tech professionals.

                                      A powerful production base

                                      Exquisite manufacturing technology and innovative research and development ideas

                                      Efficient and safe quality to ensure product innovation.


                                      Ensure product quality, cost advantage and stability of supply chain..

                                      Production and sale of coating machinery

                                      The products involve transportation, polymerization, grinding, dispersion, mixing, filtration, separation, packaging and other complete sets of machinery and equipment.

                                      International standards, quality assurance


                                      Provide perfect product design, technical solutions, technical training and technical consultation.

                                      Strict implementation of ISO9001:2008 version of international quality certification standard

                                      Win a number of honors

                                      Perfect after-sales service, let you have no worries behind


                                      A comprehensive solution to equipment failure, one-stop service.

                                      Commissioner tracking service, after sale department 24-48 hours to arrive at the scene.

                                      Direct door-to-door service

                                      NEWS CENTER

                                      ——Our brand is trustworthy——

                                      • Grinding Efficiency of Disc Horizontal Grinding Machine


                                        Disc horizontal grinder is the most widely used, advanced and efficient material grinding equipment....

                                      • Advantages of Vertical Sand Mill


                                        Vertical grinder is a vertical wet continuous production of ultrafine particles disperser....

                                      • Vertical double-axle true stone paint stirring kettle


                                        Vertical two-axis real stone paint stirring kettle is a new scraping and mixing equipment designed and developed by our company according to the technical characteristics of poor fluidity...

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